Master Electricians Training

Master Electricians Training is a Queensland based RTO, who needed a major website redevelopment.

This project was managed solely by myself, and generated exceptional results. The bounce rate on the site was reduced by 25%, organic traffic improved by 148%, and conversions increased by 47%, despite no PPC advertising being used.

Website Redevelopment

Master Electricians Training needed to update their existing website. Their existing design and functionality wasn’t bespoke to their business needs. Redevelopment of their website featured a more simplistic and streamlined design.

MET Course Search

The new design made it easier for a user to enter the website and get to the information they were searching for. The primary action we wanted taken was for them to search for a course. Moving the call to action for this above the fold made a significant impact on the user experience.

Website Intake Schedule

The redevelopment work also included development of a course intake schedule. The schedule allowed for the staff to easily log into the administration section of the website to update the schedule and the number of places available for a particular course. This was instrumental in providing an experience that provided real value for the user, delivering key information at the onset of enquiry.

MET Intake Schedule

Salesforce and Email Integration

The redevelopment included a full enrolment form connected to each intake date. The form automatically loads the primary contact data into Salesforce, and then emails the additional contact data to an email for review by a team member.

The Results

The website redesign and development yielded a major improvement in the bounce rate. Compared to the previous period the bounce rate improved by 20 – 25%.

The redevelopment made major improvements to the SEO which in turn had a big impact on the organic website sessions. Organic sessions improved by 148% over the previous period.

Conversions were also impacted due to the redevelopment. Despite PPC not running after the redevelopment the conversion rate improved by 47% overall compared to the previous period.

These results were comprehensively setup and tracked using a combination of Google Analytics and Salesforce WAVE (Analytics Cloud).

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