Careers Australia

The Opportunity

Careers Australia had decided that they required an updated website, and furthermore, determined that the calibre of their internal team made the project being done in house a viable option.

I was selected as one of the project leads to deliver the updated website, and worked closely with the team across all facets to deliver the project on time, and within budget.

Strategic Planning

Working closely with our digital designer through the initial stages, we worked to establish the goals of the redesign. Establishing the goals of the redesign early on drove the design and development of the website with the KPI’s of stakeholders in mind, and balanced these with the natural tendencies of the audience.

Our research established that there were a number of lead collection opportunities that weren’t being capitalised on. Through this process we included designs that would be favourable for SEO purposes. Specific attention was given to ensuring the right content was above the fold for the right browsing device.

I then worked on creating a design and development schedule, utilising gantt charts to ensure we had all aspects of the project covered.

The Design

It was important that the design of the UI went hand in hand with the UX of the site. Creating uniform components and button styles guides the user through the website, giving them a seamless experience from start to finish.

ca ux upgrade

It was important that the elements of the design were based on solid research and evidence. To ensure every element of the site worked with the user in mind,  we collected data and utilised previous experience. Every element of the design and layout was constructed to give the user the easiest path to conversion and by extension, increasing ROI to the business.

button colours

A number of lead flows were identified and a UX was set up to send users based on their enquiry location to the right enquiry type. Resulting in the business being able to get the uses to the correct point of contact as efficiently as possible, resulting in higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

The Development

I undertook the complete development of the website. As the only developer assigned the project, I was given full authority and responsibility for the server administration, code repositories, front and back-end development.

Local development was set up with staging and production application servers on, a personal favourite of mine for enterprise business server solutions.

All code was managed and version controlled with Git via, also a personal favourite for enterprise business Git requirements.

Similar to other websites I developed for Careers Australia Group, this site was developed with OctoberCMS, a Laravel based CMS.

Website Integrations

This website was the first of the business to feature a totally redesigned lead capture API.

lead flow

I developed a custom API using Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s OAuth2 SDK.

After identifying that there were a number of different enquiry types that could come through on the website, lead flows were developed to specifically suit each enquiry type.

These new enquiries, filtered by type, were pushed based on lead flows created in Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Automation Studio was used to segment and filter the enquiries though to the right location. Journey Builder was then used to update or create new contacts in Salesforce.

Previously there was no system setup for the business to update contacts in their CRM, so the development of this system has yielded a huge increase in enquiry quality and quantity.

This upgraded enquiry contact system also included upgrades to allow Salesforce to accurately track the referral channel of the enquiries.

This new system allowed us to track if the the enquiries were organic, paid, social etc. I then configured our CRM, Salesforce, to track that information from enquiry to customer, giving us a greater insights on our marketing channels.

From here, we could develop the marketing strategy by identifying which channels were converting to enquiry, and which converted to customers and even returning customers.

The Results

The website was completed on schedule and on budget. A number of upgrades were successfully completed allowing a far greater insight into the quality of enquiries to customers per marketing channel.

The redevelopment also included advancements to our analytic tracking of the website. Special consideration was given to the search functionality of the site, allowing for us to accurately track the movements of a user on the website via Google Analytics.

The redevelopment also grated us an opportunity to create functionality that would be beneficial to the SEO of the website. Special consideration was given to the search functionality to ensure that the results would be specifically tailored for better SEO including location and sector based content recommendations based on search criteria.

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