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Career Crush was developed as a lead generation tool for Careers Australia. Users who weren’t sure what course they should study would be encouraged to complete the “Career Crush” quiz to find out which course best suited their personality and lifestyle.

Career Crush was developed as an SEM and advertising tool, which saw considerable soft conversions since the re-launch. In it’s first six months, the tool became responsible for 30-40% of total marketing leads generated, while maintaining a low CPL.

Website Development

I completed the full stack development on the website from scratch. Like many other websites in the Careers Australia Group it is built on OctoberCMS.

The purpose of Career Crush was to collect data at the start for a softer conversion point. These soft leads could then be nurtured within the brand to later be upgraded to a hard conversion.

career crush answered

The site uses a complex set of cookies and session data to track the users responses through the quiz to calculate, based on their answers, a top result.

Every possible answer in the quiz has a study sector associated with it. As the user selects answers, they have a tally which calculates, at the conclusion of the quiz, which study sector best suits their natural tendencies and preferences.

The results page also offers a second chance to obtain a soft conversion with links to specially designed Unbounce landing pages for more information on their top result.

Website Integrations

The website integrates seamlessly with Salesforce. If a user opts in to receive marketing communications, their details are integrated into Salesforce.

The website also has the ability to update the details of a user if their details already exist in Salesforce via AMPScript coded into Marketing Cloud pages.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Career Crush SEM

Career Crush was setup as a SEM lead generation tool. Campaigns were setup specifically to target generic, non-branded study-based keywords with great success. The tool was also used briefly in conjunction with Display Advertising.

The Results

As a pay-per-click advertising tool, Career Crush saw considerable conversion numbers over a 6 month period. During that period the tool was responsible for roughly 30 – 40% of the total marketing generated leads while maintaining a low cost per lead (CPL).

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