Australian School of Management

The Australian School of Management (ASM) is a higher education provider based in Melbourne and Perth, as well as offering online and blended learning.

The project to completely re-design and build the ASM website was a three moth project taken on by myself and a UI designer.

ASM was embarking on a redesign wanting to increase organic traffic, and improve the quality of that traffic, driving more users to the site with a higher propensity to convert.

Post re-build, the site’s organic traffic increased by over 200%, and the bounce rate was reduced by nearly 10%, indicative of a higher calibre of user with respect to website goals.

The bottom line result, was substantially more conversions across all channels, increasing the profitability and ROI of the site for ASM.

The Opportunity

asm old website

Old ASM Website pre 2015

After changing hands in 2015, new management of ASM realised that a considerable investment would be required in digital for considerable business growth.

The existing user interface of the website had remained stagnant for a number of years, failing to keep up with advancements in UX and UI design, as well as maintaining outdated back end processes.

The opportunity to grow the business was huge, with legislation and market growth in favour of ASM. The responsibility to capitalise on this was given to myself, and our designer, to turn existing processes and technologies around to future-proof and accelerate the growth of ASM.

The project was determined to be managed internally, as opposed to outsourcing to one of our agency partners. The project included a rebuild of the site from the ground up, facilitating seamless and efficient processes and ultimately, increasing ROI and bottom line profitability.


ASM Website Sketches

ASM Website Sketches

Wireframes for the website were constructed to be extremely functional, allowing the user to gain whatever information they were looking for, as quickly and easily as possible.

The site also had to maintain a level of allure to draw in those users who were not set on any form of conversion. The journey different users would take through the site depended on both their primary motivation for being there, and the method through which they landed on the site.

The initial wireframes were constructed with myself and the lead designer, and drawn up in Adobe Illustrator for the initial phase.

Once we were happy with the wireframes, they were taken to management for initial approval of  the design. Throughout the process, we ensured to keep key stakeholders involved in the approval process to ensure that the final product being delivered fulfilled all their requirements.

ASM Website Wireframes

ASM Website Wireframes

The approval process as we developed this, ensured that the stakeholders were accountable, and saved time down the line by avoiding last minute changes.

Final Designs

The final design of the website is live here. However the design of the long scroll page can be seen below from the mockups, created in Adobe Photoshop.

ASM Website Concepts

Website Development

Australian School of Management (ASM) required a website developed completely from scratch, tailored to suit a complex ecosystem of offerings and student pathways.

Working almost completely autonomously, I was tasked with completing the full stack of development for this website from front end, back end and system administration.

The website was built on OctoberCMS, a content management system that runs on the backbone of Laravel, a PHP framework.

The development schedule was completely managed by myself over a six to eight week period. This included the content loading, analytics setup, Salesforce integrations and web server configuration.

Significant improvements were made to the content and structure in consultation with a third party to improve the SEO and rank of the site upon the relaunch. Liaising with the agency to ensure the content fit into the branding, delivered the results in terms of SEO and was delivered on time was also managed by myself.

Website Integrations

The website is integrated with Salesforce, connecting the website the the CRM when an enquiry is completed. This creates new contacts in Salesforce with additional information on referral sources and channels.

The Results

Due to the SEO improvements and content improvement we were able to track with Google Analytics and improve organic traffic to the website by over 200% compared to the previous period. We were able to maximise the retention of that organic traffic by also decreasing the bounce rate by nearly 10% compared to the previous period.

The website generated substantially more conversions across a broad range of channels including Organic Search, PPC, Email, Referral and Social.

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