Motorbike Buyer facilitates people looking to sell their motorbikes that are looking for a quick and easy alternative to privately listing online or offline. has been able to launch their digital presence and run SEM campaigns with return on investment upwards of 1400% in its first 3 months.

The Opportunity

The business started out completely offline, via networking and word of mouth. This presented a huge opportunity to expand the business into the realm of online and digital advertising.

Web Development

The first step was to get online. I facilitated the setup of the domain, hosting and email configuration.

To maximise a return on investment I created a simple and easy to use website that focussed on key elements that go into a good landing page. Clear calls to action, with an easily accessible form on every page supported by a simple and clean design.


Being a startup business I implemented a technology stack I have had a lot of success with. The combination of web support software, email systems, contact management and marketing automation working well together make it a real powerful suite of products when configured correctly.

The CRM of choice was Hubspot as it offers a huge amount of functionality and firepower for a low cost (free).

I custom configured Hubspot to align with the business objects of to allow for maximum usability across the user base.

Additional configuration of Hubspot and the website was required to setup collected forms to automatically create new contacts from website enquiries and lead flows to optimise website conversion rates by utilising Hubspots built in exit intent technology of which has seen an additional conversion rate of 5%.

Marketing Automation

Mailchimp recently released the marketing automation features of their service into the free plan, making Mailchimp a very attractive option for small business’ getting off the ground. As part of the work I completed I setup Hubspot to integrate with Milchimp and automatically create new subscribers from newly created contacts. With a little help from Zapier there are a number of additional tasks that you could automate in a workflow.


SEO for is ongoing but I am working to improve the rankings through improved site structure and through superior content marketing. The goal here is to write content that answers questions people are asking in search. This will position the brand as a thought leader in the industry and is a key component to an inbound marketing strategy.


SEM is the real hero of this story. In the first 3 months, the campaigns I have setup have seen a return of investment over 1400%. Through crafting a very targeted and precise campaign we have maximised our CPC (cost-per-click) while maintaining high CTR (click-through-rates) and most importantly, high conversion rates. All of this tracked and managed through Adwords and Google Analytics.


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