Digital technology has always been my passion. From a young age, I developed a keen interest in computer hardware that grew into a strong aptitude for all things tech. As a teenager, I spent my days saving up to buy the parts necessary to build my own computers from scratch, and taught myself to do so.

I believe that this was only the first step in what is to be a long and successful career in digital marketing.


Upon entering high school, I took on a multimedia class, which really cemented, in my mind, that this was the industry I HAD to work in.

To me, the class seemed more practical than any of my other subjects, and allowed me to immerse myself in this new world. We worked within the Adobe Creative Suites, getting hands on experience with Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro.

I graduated from the course at the top of the class, as the dux of Multimedia.

Knowing this was the path that I wanted to go down, I applied to the Southbank Institute of Technology, and successfully commenced a course in Interactive Digital Media.

It was through this course that I was introduced to web development, and I fell absolutely in love with it. I quickly progressed to once again be the top of my class, to a point where I was tutoring my fellow classmates.


I started out primarily as a front-end web developer, working within a small development team. We delivered web solutions for small to medium sized businesses across a wide variety of industries. This role allowed me to refine my skills in back-end and system administrations development skills.


In my most recent role, my skill set has expanded, causing my focus to shift towards the full gamut of digital marketing.

My passion for digital now sees me delivering complete solutions from research, wire framing, development, server configurations, user testing, analytics, SEO, SEM and marketing automation.

My background in development has equipped me with a practical, hands on ability to execute digital marketing strategies in a meticulous, but timely manner.

My current position has also allowed me to gain experience in the full stack of Salesforce products. Using the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, I utilise the Salesforce system to integrate all marketing channels and platforms, implementing a comprehensive strategy.

Over the past 3 years I have worked extensively within Marketing Cloud, delivering a number of key marketing strategies. Using 1:1 customer journeys and incorporating multiple channels including email, mobile, social and web.

My end goal with respect to Salesforce is to become a Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant, and I am methodically working towards this goal, recently becoming certified as a Marketing Cloud Email Specialist.

My career sees me marrying a passion for technology, to keen business acumen, and I am constantly striving to find new ways to improve business processes, streamlining and automating digital systems. To do this, I keep my focus on the ROI, tracking and analysing digital strategies to find new ways to increase that ROI.


Outside of my career, I balance my passion for technology with a love of Basketball and Music.

I have been heavily involved in basketball programs for most of my life. I’ve played for over a decade, and until recently, have been heavily involved in the referee program in Queensland. For a number of years, I refereed in the top level of competition in QLD, and gave my time at a local level to co-ordinate and develop referees for the local association.

My love of music is also something that has been with me my whole life. I play a number of instruments, although my focus is on piano and drums. I currently play drums, piano and harmonica in a local Brisbane band, playing a few gigs around QLD and interstate.